This is where I will talk about what we're doing with the Ipods
I think using the Ipods Touches home is good because we can experience how to use them and to learn math faster. I am number 2 and my days are Mondays and Tuesday.

Rules about taking the iPod Touches home:
  1. Keep the iPod Touch safe from little sisters and brothers.
  2. Keep it in the bag until you get home.
  3. Keep all accessories in the bag when you are not using them.
  4. Bring all cords and accessories back in the bag.
  5. Make sure the iPod Touch is fully charged when you return it for the next user.
  6. You may not hook the iPod Touch up to your home computer or download games.
  7. If you go to afterschool, make sure the iPod bag is in your backpack.
  8. Share the iPod safely.
  9. The iPod should only be in school, in your house or car, or on the bus.
  10. Keep food and drink away from the iPods.
Week of April,13th - April,18th
  • Play metasquares at least 5 times
  • Keep track of who wins on level 1
  • Write on your wiki about the difficulty of the game
  • When would you use this skill in real life
  • Choose two other games to review on your wiki

Com. won all 5 times
The game was hard, because you had to figure out where to put the little dot.
I would use this skill in life when I am playing Madden NFL. Because I have to figure out what play to do and, I have to figure out what Wide Reciever to throw to.

Jelly Car
I won 4 out 5 times on the first level.
Well first of all it was hard to move the car because you had to touch the right side to go forward and left side to go back. When you touch the car it will grow bigger or smaller. So if you are big and you accedentally touch the car it will be small and you may fall.
I woukd use this skill in life if I was balencing on a pole.

I lost all 5 times.
It was hard because you had to touch the screen to make the helicopter go up. Also you could not go up to far or you will crash into the top of the cave.
I would use this skill in life when I am driving (when I get older). Because if go to far I would crash.

Typing Class
The first time I got 2 wrong. And the next 2 times I got 1 wrong, and then I got 3 wrong. Then I got all right.
It was hard because you had to time the exact letter or you would get it wrong and you can't delete on it.
I would use this skill in life when I am writing a letter to someone. Because they would think I can't spell that word but I really can.

I got six words in astradam.
It was hard because you had to get up to 4 letters in your word or it won't count.
I would use this skill in life when I am doing a word puzzle. Because I have to make a word that is inside another word.

ABC speller
I got 4 out of 5 words right.
It was hard because if it did not now the word and you know the word is a real one. It won't tell you if it is spelled right or not.
I would use this skill in life when I am using a dictionary

My iPod does not hook up to the internet at home. I don't have any laptops either.
I watched some of the movies that are on the iPod. Like Shark Week.
The iPod games like the Jelly Car strechtes your thinking by having to know if you should do it or not.
I have played Basic Math and BB Divide.
The BB Divde is Skills practice where you have to do division problems.
The Basic Math is skills practice, because you have to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Think Games: ABC Speller, Textropolis, Touch Calculator, Triangle Flash, Typing Class, Basic Math, BB Divide, Pop Math Lite, Sudoku, 123, Flashcards, IQ Test, MiCube, True or False.
Think and Drill: Brick Break, Pac-Man, Jelly Car, Falling Balls, Labyrinth LE, Trace, Topple, Tic Tac Toe.
Drill Games: Bowling, Bubble Bang/lite, Copter, Football, Flashlight, Hockey, My Lite, Maze Finger, Penguin Lite, Tap Tap, Tappy Tunes, Bowl Lite, Art LE, Awsome Ball, Tower FREE, U.S.A FREE.

I can take screen shots on the iPod. I took one of Jelly Car, and the applications. I haven't got in to anything I should not have. I don't know if I can get to websites I should not because I have never tried it. If that had happened I would just exit out of it.